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The aim of human life in to achieve self-realization i.e. the stage of enlightenment. One achieves to enlighten himself/herself only with the disappearance of ignorance, the darkness. And to thwart out this ignorance from this area, the so called Balaji Welfare and Educational society came into existence in 2003. It's first step was with the establishment of Balaji Public School, affiliated with C.B.S.E, New Delhi. Now the second step in the form of Balaji College of Education, Ballabgarh because the true educators and the balance taught are the backbone of a society. We are heading toward creating a genuine understanding of our rich moral values, treasured culture, and heritage, We are striving our best to stride at the advancement of phenomenal revolution taking place in today's education. For us, Education is not mere business, but a reform, which can transform the society, which is our aim.


The Vision of the institute is to prepare teachers who are grounded in and imbued with long cherished values, professional ethics, accepting diversity, possessing intellectual vitality and using reflective thinking as a tool of practice to develop as competent and committed professionals.
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